Spring Term Schedule now published

Thanks to the sterling efforts of various organisers, the schedule for next term is now available. Please see the link under “pages” on the right.

17th December: Desert Island Books

This Friday is the last event of the year, and we’re welcoming Matt Holland, Director of the Swindon Festival of Literature, who will be sharing his Desert Island book choices (and one piece of music) with us. Join us for a festive feast of words.

10th December: The Ecosystems Revolution

This Friday, Dr Mark Everard, author, scientist and world expert on the roach, will talk on the ecosystems revolution, along these lines:  the ways in which society has responded to the mounting evidence of its impacts on the environment has been both piecemeal and fragmented, leading to many disconnections not only between solutions to environmental problems, but also their beneficiaries and victims.  We are today learning that people, the environment and our economic activities can no longer be treated as discrete, but constitute an integrated whole.  Converting this theoretical understanding to practical action, in a world of deeply entrenched habits and vested interests, is a major challenge – but one for which we now have increasing numbers of tools.