14th December: “Not-Self: Buddhist Accounts of Personhood”

This Friday, 14th December, Dr David Webster will be speaking on ‘Not-Self: Buddhist Accounts of Personhood’.  David says:

Who are we? We tend to presume a stable core self-ness over time, perhaps inspired by some idea of a Cartesian Cogito. Buddhism challenged notions of Self – and these ideas remain the subject of controversy and interest today. This talk will argue for a specific account of ‘anatta’.

Come along to the final meeting of the term….


7th December: International Law – corpus or corpse?

This Friday, Daniel Merlo will talk on this topic. He says:

“Drone warfare is criticised by many for engendering a Playstation mentality in war, justified by others as a tool for interstate assassinations.  Is this new form of precision warfare justifiable under international law, or is the rhetoric of surgical strikes simply an excuse for the US to pursue its national interests?”

Please bring along your thoughts, opinions and prejudices for what I hope will be a lively and interactive discussion on this subject.