3rd January: new term begins with talk on Gurdjieff

We kick off the spring term with a talk on Gurdjieff by Janie Thomas. She says:

“Gurdjieff was a pioneer of thought about man’s individual responsibility for
self-awareness in relation to mankind’s current situation in the world.
He brought the wisdom of the East to the West, integrated into a practical
philosophy which stressed that ordinary consciousness is more a kind of waking
sleep. We have first to genuinely wake up, to escape from negative, mindless reaction
to past events to attain conscious awareness, taking responsibility for mankind’s future.”

Do join us for what promises to be an interesting event.

13th December: Gary Loyden in the Philosopher’s Chair (with John Little)

We end this term with another of the popular ‘In the Philosopher’s Chair’ events.

This session will mix a number of formats….part interview, part talk, part open discussion, with a few Desert Island books thrown in for good measure.
Gary will talk about his anti-dualist approach to the world after losing his religious faith. Other topics will include environmental destruction, pragmatism, constructing a personal reading list and anything else that may occur to him on the night. Gary describes himself as being on a journey, and John will explore with him how he came to his interest in philosophy, and which themes, thinkers and books have impressed him so far. What contribution can philosophy make to a life worth living?
Come along and find out.

Spring ’14 Programme now published

The programme for the coming Spring term is now published: please scroll down to the ‘Pages’ section on the right hand side of your screen and select ‘Spring 2014 programme’.
Or read on…

Date Subject & Speaker
03-Jan Gurdjieff; by Janie Thomas
10-Jan Psychopathy; by John Little
17-Jan Diversity and solidarity: the progressive dilemma; by Paul Archer
24-Jan Humanism; by Swindon Humanists
31-Jan What is truth? by Chris Eddy
07-Feb Steiner schools: Anthroposophy and spiritual science, by Andy Lewis
14-Feb Can robots fall in love? by Jeremy Holt
21-Feb How can you defend someone you know is guilty? by David Woolley QC
28-Feb The Science Delusion by Dr. Neil Howard
07-Mar Consequentialism and the consent principle; by Chris Eddy
14-Mar Kantian libertarianism: a metaphysical sketch; by Katerina Deligiorgi
21-Mar Trust; by Martin Johnson
28-Mar Mitochondrial replacement transfer: crossing the Rubicon? by Bishop Lee Rayfield
04-Apr Quakerism, by Swindon Quakers