Fri 29 Sept – Hinduism – Suresh Surendran

This talk will illustrate the speaker’s personal (mostly Dravidian or Tamil) view of Hinduism, Sanatana Dharma and Saiva Siddhantam under three parts. The first part tries to understand the four proper goals or aims of a human life, truth of trinity (Soul-God-Bonds/Impurities Theory) and Fourfold Path of Liberation. The second part will analyse the roots of the Hindu Way and Stages of Life as well as the meaning and representation of God. The third part will discuss Hindu Beliefs and Scientific Facts.

Fri 22nd Sept – Against Empathy – John Little

A prevailing view in moral psychology holds that empathy (the capacity to feel what others feel, to delight and suffer with them) plays a key role in morality and in motivating pro-social and altruistic actions. Indeed the absence of empathic emotion is seen to be a key feature of psychopathy.

Recently, Jesse Prinz and Paul Bloom have challenged this view and have argued that empathy does not play a foundational or causal role in morality – neither needed nor necessarily helpful. They suggest that in fact the presence of empathetic emotions is harmful to morality.

Autumn 2017 Schedule

Date                   Speaker                Subject

22 September      John Little                Against Empathy

29 September      Suresh Surendran   Hinduism

6 October             Ned Pegler               Ancient DNA & the birth of Modern Europe

13 October           Vernon Griffiths       The Laughing Romantics

20 October           tbc                             tbc

27 October           Gerry Merrison         What do we mean by the Meaning of Life?

3 November          Paul Archer             Designing Welfare

10 November        James Shires          Security: Knowledge or Practice

17 November        Neil Howard             The Impact of AI/Robotics on Work & Education

24 November        Chris Eddy               What is Logic and where did it come from?

1 December          Mark Everard            Reconnecting Water, People and Wildlife

8 December          G. Hannon/G. Loyden       Chavs in the Age of Robotics

15 December        Larry Chase               Desert Island Books