That’s it for 2018 hello 2019!

So that’s it for 2018. But don’t despair, we already have our Spring 2019 programme underway.  Have a look now!

Thanks to all our wonderful speakers, we hope you enjoyed giving your talks as much as we enjoyed listening.

Have a great Christmas and New Year

heres our Spring 2019 Programme


14 Dec – Desert Island Books – Jill Sharp

And for our final talk this year we are very pleased to have  Jill Sharp to do our annual “Desert Island Books”

She writes , Is the novel dead, as Will Self has asserted? Does it matter? Why do we read and why do readers disagree – often vehemently – about the same book? What’s the point of literary prizes and festivals?

Jill introduces six books that have recently made a huge impression on her and opens the debate about why reading matters.

Jill has an MA in Modern English Studies from Queen Mary University of London and was an OU tutor for many years.

PS  click here for our Spring 2019 Programme of talks – 

7 Dec – The END of Human Rights? – Daniel Merlo

Daniel is a Human Rights Lawyer who has worked both in the UK and South America. On Friday,  he will explore the progress of Human rights over the past decades, at recent events  and look to the future.

Daniel writes:  

“The rise of populism and nationalism has given voice to those who believe that the human rights project has come to an end.  These doomsdayers point to the continued crimes against humanity taking place in Syria, Yemen, and Myanmar, the withdrawal of states from human rights courts and treaties, and the sanctioning of a wider use of lethal force by police.  Daniel Merlo will provide an inside view, drawing from his experience working at the UN, in human rights NGOs, and for national governments, that challenges this narrative and explores the many faces of human rights.”